Can You Use AirPods on PS5

Can You Use AirPods on PS5
Can You Use AirPods on PS5

Can You Use AirPods on PS5

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, the Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) does not natively support Bluetooth audio devices like Apple’s AirPods. The PS5 primarily relies on USB or 3.5mm wired headsets for audio output, and it doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth audio support for devices like AirPods. However, there are workarounds you can try if you want to use your AirPods with the PS5:

Bluetooth Adapter: You can use a third-party Bluetooth adapter that plugs into the PS5’s USB port. These adapters allow you to connect Bluetooth headphones, including AirPods, to your PS5. Keep in mind that not all adapters may be compatible, so be sure to check for compatibility with the PS5 before purchasing one.

Wired Connection: You can connect your AirPods to the PS5 using a wired connection. Apple offers a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter, which you can use to connect the AirPods to the PS5’s controller via the 3.5mm headphone jack. However, this method will not provide the same wireless convenience as Bluetooth.

Gaming Headset: For the best audio experience on the PS5, you may want to consider investing in a gaming headset specifically designed for the console. These headsets often offer features like 3D audio and are optimized for gaming.

Keep in mind that the availability of features and compatibility can change with software updates and hardware revisions. To ensure you have the most current information on using AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones with your PS5, check the official PlayStation support resources and forums or visit the manufacturer’s websites for updates and compatibility information. Also, read about How to Screen Record with Audio on Mac

Understanding the Compatibility

AirPods Generation Compatibility

To start, it’s essential to know that not all AirPods are created equal when it comes to compatibility with the PS5. The good news is that you can use various generations of AirPods with the PS5, including the original AirPods, AirPods 2nd Generation, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max.

PS5 Firmware Update

Before you can use your AirPods with the PS5, make sure your console has the latest firmware update. Sony periodically releases updates to enhance the functionality of the PS5, and ensuring you have the most recent version is crucial for a seamless experience.

Connecting AirPods to PS5

Bluetooth Pairing

One of the standout features of AirPods is their compatibility with a wide range of devices through Bluetooth. To connect your AirPods to the PS5, follow these simple steps:

a. Turn on your PS5 and go to the “Settings” menu.

b. Select “Devices” and then “Bluetooth Devices.”

c. Open your AirPods case, keeping the lid open.

d. Press and hold the button on the back of the AirPods case until the LED indicator starts flashing.

e. Your AirPods will appear in the list of available devices on your PS5. Select them to establish a connection.

Adjusting Audio Settings

After successfully pairing your AirPods with the PS5, it’s essential to fine-tune your audio settings for the best experience. In the “Audio” settings on your PS5, you can select your AirPods as the primary audio output device and adjust sound quality preferences. Discover more about Can You Get Discord on PS4

Can You Use AirPods on PS5
Can You Use AirPods on PS5

Benefits of Using AirPods on PS5

Immersive Sound

AirPods are renowned for their superior sound quality. When used with the PS5, they provide immersive audio that enhances your gaming experience. The high-quality drivers in AirPods deliver crisp sound, allowing you to hear every detail in your game.

Wireless Freedom

One of the significant advantages of using AirPods on the PS5 is the freedom from tangled wires. Say goodbye to cumbersome cables and enjoy gaming without restrictions.

Noise Cancellation

If you own AirPods Pro or AirPods Max, you can benefit from their noise-cancellation feature. This technology helps you focus on your game by blocking out external distractions.

Seamless Transition

AirPods offer a seamless transition between your PS5 and other Apple devices. Switch from gaming on your PS5 to taking a call on your iPhone without missing a beat.

Addressing Common Concerns

Latency Issues

Some users may worry about latency when using Bluetooth headphones with gaming consoles. While there may be minimal latency, it’s often imperceptible and should not significantly impact your gaming experience.

Battery Life

AirPods are known for their excellent battery life. However, prolonged gaming sessions can drain the battery quickly. Make sure to charge your AirPods before indulging in extended gaming marathons.

Can You Use AirPods on PS5
Can You Use AirPods on PS5


In conclusion, the answer to the question “Can you use AirPods on PS5?” is a resounding yes. With their impressive sound quality, wireless convenience, and compatibility, AirPods are an excellent choice for enhancing your gaming audio experience on the PS5. So, grab your AirPods, pair them with your PS5, and immerse yourself in the world of gaming like never before.


1. Can I use AirPods with the PS5 wirelessly?

Yes, you can connect your AirPods to the PS5 using Bluetooth for a wireless audio experience.

2. Do I need to update my PS5 firmware to use AirPods?

Updating your PS5 firmware to the latest version is recommended to ensure seamless compatibility with AirPods.

3. Will there be any audio lag when using AirPods with the PS5?

While there may be minimal latency, it’s generally not noticeable and should not affect your gaming experience significantly.

4. Which AirPods models are compatible with the PS5?

You can use various AirPods models, including the original AirPods, AirPods 2nd Generation, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max, with the PS5.

5. Can I use AirPods with other gaming consoles?

AirPods are primarily designed for use with Apple devices, but you can connect them to other gaming consoles with Bluetooth capabilities.


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